Layover Tips

So your itinerary has left you with some hours of airport layover, and you’re wondering how to pass this time in the best way possible. Here are some general tips we have collected for you:

The Right Attitude

You are most likely anxious to reach your destination, but layovers are unavoidable these days. Instead of thinking how to kill the time, consider your layover hours as a chance for a short local adventure in your travel, sort of a “trip within a trip” in a place where you otherwise may never have visited. With this attitude in mind, start planning what you’d like to include in this little adventure.

Airline Times

Your layover duration is the most important factor in your layover experience. Make sure you validate the times in your itinerary before making plans. Keep in mind that the arrival time usually means the time that the plane arrives at the destination gate, and so even if it arrives on time, you will still wait for the crew to open the doors, for the other passengers to leave the aircraft, and for walking through the gate hallways, until arriving in the terminal.

Get Organized

Make sure to check the list below, to avoid any nasty last minute surprises:

  • Some countries and airports may require a visa to leave the airport during a layover, be prepared for this in advance
  • Check the exact last check-in time with your airline, and ask for a phone number in which you could validate the time while you’re enjoying your layover time
  • If your next flight already has a gate, quickly identify its location before leaving the airport
  • Work out the time when you should be heading back, and set an alarm on your watch or smartphone

3 thoughts on “Layover Tips

  1. Hi. 3 of us are travelling from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Maui, Hawaii. We have a very long layover (9 1/2 hours) in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Can we leave the airport since it is such a long layover?

  2. Hi, my arrival at CDG is at 8 am and my next connecting flight is at 15.00 hours.
    Considering my flight arrival is on time, can I make a quick visit to Effiel tower.
    I have a valid VISA and flying business class.

    Do let me know the recommendations.

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